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Weed and Meditation can improve your sense of well-being and reduce stress. Is it worth a try?

7th Chakra - The Crown Chakra, located at the top of the head, usually Violet or White. The Crown is about our connection to our higher power (whatever that is to you) higher awareness, faith, spirituality & religion. It acts as a portal to the divine. Here we may receive divinely inspired visions & experience Oneness with all. The Crown Chakra awakens within us the all-encompasing purpose of the soul. Consciousness at this level can be described as sacred. The Chakras by Soul Trees

What weed? Haha, not my kind of thing but it looks like these dogs are into that.

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The effect of meditation on the brain - WTF fun facts

Weed, it only makes things better. It's true. For what ever you people have to say. You don't know until you done it.