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from I Love My LSI

Sometimes we just need a hug

Sometimes we just need a hug. A hug where someone wraps their arms around you so tight and reminds you that everything will be okay. Thank you for my hug today.

I probably annoy everyone with how much I hug my friends.. I just really like hugs ¥^¥

My mom has ways told me that you can always tell the kind of person someone is by how good a of a hugger they are... I'll always believe that.

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I love it when I hug someone and just when I'm about to let go, they hug me even tighter.

everyone needs a hug now and then :) if your here today, ill be waiting to give you one Kt

Home is within your own heart. Never depend on a man. Depend on yourself. Love yourself. Men will come and go.

This is true, all of mine fit back together the very first time Bobby hugged me years ago. ♥