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Design a Personality: Is Your Character Optimistic or Pessimistic?

Is your character an optimist or pessimist? The answer can help you to round out your character's personality and add some juicy conflict to a plot. |


Your Character’s Very First Relationship (Hint: It Affects All the Others)

What's the very first relationship your characters form, an attachment so critical it can influence them long into adulthood? |


How to Add Realism to Your Story: The Complexities of Forgiveness

Forgiveness (or failing to forgive) may be a critical part of your character’s development. Do it justice by factoring in various aspects of your character’s psyche and crafting a natural (though by no means easy) progression towards forgiveness. |


The Brain on Storytelling: Anatomy of an Attention-Grabbing Story

What makes a story so attention-grabbing it hooks readers and alters their brain chemistry? All it takes is a simple story structure. |

I read in a lovely book called "Writer to Writer" that we are always doing at least two things at one time, so it's only natural for your characters to do the same.


Fatal Attraction: How to Kill Your Character’s Relationship

Fatal Attraction: How to Kill Your Character's Relationship | #Psychology & Storycraft at

3 Steps to Taking Your Character Further and Deeper With...Anger? - WRITERS HELPING WRITERS - See more at:

Explore the psyches of your characters, your readers and your writerly self at Writerology: Psychology for Writers |

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11 Awesome Websites for Writers

Here I list some of my favorite online resources for fiction writing tips and inspiration! And no, nobody’s compensating me in any way to promote these.GoTeenWriters.blogspot.comOther writers…