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_photoshoot in the fall, both wearing plaid shirts (close to matching if not matching), denim skirts, and boots

from Foursquare


Be pregnant at the same time as my best friend @ChelseatheChia @dominess @sncarolan1985 @bethanycutler91 ;)

Omg!! This is like the best Pecabeth/Disney crossover ever!!!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!

Psych. The second unbreakable team. Two people I will always look up to, even if they are just tv characters.

Guys I just saw This is Us!!!!! It was the best movie ever!!!!!! I cried and laughed and mentally screamed throughout the whole thing it was great

Should I just like dress as a little kid and just walk in because like oh my gosh asdfghjkl;

My black cat was the best cat I've ever had. Shelters have a hard time finding homes for black cats because they don't have that unique look. But they still have the potential to be a great companion

Jack really said the real truth that you just have to accept in your life and then no body elses opinion really matters.One of the best responses ever ♥All time low

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