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Esparto and Manchego cheese -

Quesos de pasta blanda y corteza enmohecida natural de Granja Cantagullas. Coagulaciones lácticas elaboradas con leche cruda de oveja con dos semana de afinado

Aromatic Franklin's Teleme on salty edge

Franklin's Teleme (Los Banos, Merced Co.) -- pasteurised cow's milk (washed rind, or not)

Pecornio Foglie di Noce is a pressed sheep's milk cheese from Tuscany. While aging, the wheels are wrapped in walnut leaves and rubbed daily with olive oil, imparting a tremendously satisfying flavor and hint of black walnut. Hearty and rustic, Pecorino Foglie di Noce is visually striking, versatile, and absolutely delicious. Pair this cheese with crisp, dry Italian white wines, Sauvignon Blancs, or light to medium-bodied reds.

#Spanish Manchego PDO #cheese curado 250 grs. A characteristic aroma and slightly sharp, intense flavor that becomes slightly piquant in well-ripened cheeses. The Manchego ewes’ milk gives a pleasant, unusual aftertaste. The texture is firm and compact. #food