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The damaged will always stay. That make you who you are today. Embrace the past and be looking forward to the future. And if you ever find yourself in the past. Know it won't last forever. You are not there anymore. Believe in yourself ♡

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The rain inspired this today. Adapt to the elements & live fully! Enjoy ;) www.whitewitchparlour.com inspiration, nature child witch, wild woman, enchanted, spiritual, healing, nature, awakening

From magickaltheory: This original graphic was created by me, Synnah Hermetica, as a part of my magickal study of energetic manipulation. Here the apprentice can observe the chakras mapped out with their corresponding elements and attributes for activation and stimulation. The grey text represents the channel that the energies use to travel through in relation to one another. Please do not remove this text.

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Make the most out of 1-minute of meditation. Even taking a brief moment to practice meditating can help you gain mental and energetic clarity. By practicing meditation, you can better focus your attention from thoughts that drain your energy to thoughts and situations that uplift you. meditation | reiki | energy healing | reiki healing | chakras | manifest | holistic wellness | what is reiki | holistic healing | inspiration | holistic health | mindfulness

Think of the food you eat as the building blocks of your body. www.foodmatters.com #foodmatters #FMquotes

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