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Due to supernatural and superheroes I have a really hard time accepting death in TV shows. I'm always like "nah they'll be back"

Shut up and take my money. I would meet you all for fish and chips on Sundays. Can you imagine if a zeal (collective noun for us, go with it) of fan girls were in one place to witness the fall? We might have flooded the place with our tears. <-This. All of this. I want it.

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drawing of an ultimate fandoms unite symbol :D includes lord of the rings, dr who, legend, sherlock, percy jackson, harry potter, hunger games, divergent, mortal instruments, avatar last air bender, avengers, star trek, the fault in our stars, game of thrones, supernatural, star wars, rise of the brave tangled dragons, lunar chronicles, and psych :):

Thank you, fandoms. Narnia (ehh...), LOTR (yay!), Harry Potter (yay!), Avengers, Hunger Games, Merlin (not watched it yet), Doctor Who (in progress), Sherlock (yay!), The Hobbit (yay!) and Supernatural (not watched it)

I'm like that to. LOL one second I'm prancing around in dressed and wedges dolled up in light makeup during church making men give me (unwanted) stares, the next I'm wearing shorts and a t shirt or tank top running around doing random stuff.