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Oh my Word I agree 100% I am totally like this. Do me wrong once and I am forever done with you. I may be nice but that doesn't mean i will forget how you made me feel or what you did to me. I lose all respect when you burn your bridges and try to destroy what isn't yours to destroy.
A girl said to me once, "You shouldn't have gotten the job, they should have offered it to me." My response: "Well did you ask for it? No? Well, you don't get what you don't take." Hustle.
Protestor at gay rights demonstration, Weinstein Hall, NYU campus, 1970 (Photograph by Diana Davies, Diana Davies Papers), NY Public Library Schwartzman Research Branch.
Victoria Erickson ( facebook: victoriaericksonwriter)
In honor of Gloria Steinem's birthday! Celebrating feminism and the history of women. #HBDGloria [Infographic]
Like the woman at the well believe that God can satisfy your deepest thirst. #kingdomwoman
that's right.  @shauna lee lange we pin extraordinarily fabulous visual curations.
Celebrate International Women's Day with these motivational quotes from some of the world's most inspirational women.