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While this is true, please understand that they weren't crafty enough to keep us from realizing who we are and who Esau is.  What they chose to put in bible   continues to prove how hard they work in the attempt to keep us ignorant of our history.  By all means study and research the truth!

This is totally correct! I have studied history & theology for decades! The entire propaganda referenced here is the basis of this book of contradiction & fiction, based upon word-of-moth stories - NOT - facts. Wake up people! Stop with the gullibility!

why would i believe a book that was written by a freemason pagan roman catholic and more importantly why do we pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for a stolen land that was once 100% free......just sayin  tired of being a slave to the matrix

"They came with a Bible and their religion stole our land, crushed our spirit. Now tell us we should be thankful to the ‘Lord’ for being saved." Chief Pontiac Bitch no!

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, The Bible. Yes, I question the authority of the Bible. No, you can't show me a Bible verse to prove that I'm wrong.

Quoting the bible to prove god exists is like quoting Harry Potter to prove Hogwarts exists.

Welp... a lot of Atheists were raised religiously, and did not feel particularly connect personally...just sayin'...

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Interesting survey, and from a reputable source, Pew Research, click through. Atheists performed best in the religious knowledge survey. ~ Atheists know the Bible the best. That's why we're atheists.

Christians stole religion stories from other religions, and stole holidays from pagans....

Christians stole religion stories from other religions, and stole holidays from pagans. It's easier to replace a religion than to create a new one.

I'm somewhat motivated to read the bible with a highlighter and pen to find this insane garbage for myself for the next time a religious discussion gets heated.

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Give corn and have land stolen. How natives feel everyday especially under Trump. And because I am Native I can say this. Ha Ha Ha

Provides a valuable lesson in the meaning of survival. Brings to light how the Colonists of North America ultimately led to the break up of Native American tribes.

...and frankly I don't give a shit

Funny pictures about Religions of the world. Oh, and cool pics about Religions of the world. Also, Religions of the world.