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W e • L o v e • C u l t u r e • W e • L o v e • L i f e s t y l e

#b e d h e a d n i n a. #m a k e - o v e r. #h b y. #c a n d y. #m e n t a l - a t h l e t e. ❤💋b u r l e s q u e - w o r k o u t #psearch. ♡a n d t h e t e a s e t i m e e p 2 : 5 8 b l u e 1 2 : 0 : 4 9 b l a c k b u r l e s q u e. ♡k r a v - m a g a. ♡a e r i a l - f i t n e s s & s p o r t💕

See photos for more details. I ' m c u r r e n t l y l i s t i n g an e x t e n s i v e C h r i s t m a s d é c o r c o l l e c t i o n t h i s m o n t h. C h e c k b a c k d a i l y f o r n e w l i s t i n g s ! | eBay!

Picture perfect 👌 #Repost @jimketevents with @repostapp ・・・ • L U X E • L U S H • G L A M O U R • The glamorous + flawless bride Stephanie @naturallyfake in the home setting we created for her. An absolute pleasure to be part of her fairytale day, a truly beautiful soul with a heart of gold who was a pleasure to work with S T Y L I N G + D E S I G N + F L O R A L S @jimketevents V e n d o r s - gold chaise @prop.my.party D r e s s @leahdagloria V i d e o @nyc_films P h o t o g r a p h…

Mermaid Scale Necklace { T w i l i g h t G y p s y C o l l e c t i v e } • Item: Dark Mermaid Scale Necklace • Description: Mermaid babes! These light green colored, round, necklaces were created with silver toned high quality zinc alloy material. 18" silver chain. Nickel size pendant. Handcrafted with l o v e in the USA. Twilight Gypsy Collective Jewelry Necklaces

• P R E T T Y • WHIMSICAL • S W E E T • an adorable setting for little angel SASHA on her christening S T Y L I N G + f l o r a l s @jimketevents P r o p s @jimketevents Swing @maryronisevents V e n u e @citybeach.events #jimket #eventstylist #christening #pretty #yum #bespoke #styling #christeningstyling #angel #wow #prettyinpink #pastels #love #weddedwonderland #weddingdream #ohitsperfect @weddedwonderland @weddingdream @kellynaumovski @ohitsperfect @catchmyparty

// L O S T M Y H E A D T S H I R T O N E W E E K O N L Y // the1975.com/store

O I L S L a v e n d e r // headaches, nausea, pain relief, blood circulation, skin rash. Y l a n g Y l a n g // aphrodisiac, antidepressant, antiseptic, fatigue. L e m o n g r a s s // antidepressant, antiseptic, astringent, insecticidal. J a s m i n e // antidepressant, aphrodisiac, expectorant, sedative, relaxant. P a t c h o u l i // astringent, deodorant, diuretic, fungicide, insecticide. F r a n k i n c e n s e // antiseptic, astringent, cicatrisant, respiratory.

#Fontvieille #Repost @loves_united_europe with @repostapp #GRAZIEEEE Present L O V E S O F T H E D A Y CONGRATS TO | @lello_esse January 30, 2016 LOCATION | Côte d'Azur PROFILE ADMIN | @nikj456 @Loves_United_Europe PARTNER GROUP | @Loves_Crew @Loves_United_World @Loves_Team_Members @Loves_United_Eurasia @Loves_United_Tattoo @Loves_United_Team @Loves_United_nature by lello_esse from #Montecarlo #Monaco

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