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Sleepytime for this tired kitten, maybe I will dream of some lucious hunks

Wednesday Funny images of the hour (12:19:37 PM, Wednesday 13, January 2016 PST) – 10 pics

I didn't believe that the owl actually liked the cat in return until I saw those last two pictures-- look at him cuddling up over the kitty! So sweet

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August is cute animal pals month and we're posting nothing but pics of animal friends! Cat and horse here make a great bud pair :)

Baby duck and baby tabby kitten in the grass, so much cuteness in one photo.

Nose to Nose Wallpaper from Baby Farm Animals. Baby duck and kitten, nose to nose; a cute picture of two new friends.

Kitty-Cat: "Aww... 'Beaumont's' mane reminds me of my Mistress, and her silky blonde hair!" ♥

Kitty-Cat: Pinner says"Aww. 'Beaumont's' mane reminds me of my Mistress, and her silky blonde hair!


Animal Odd Couples

What is it between cats and horses? They're unique relationship has always intrigued me. Go out to the barn, the cats and horses are together.and I've never seen a cat squished by a horse! (But I sure have seen a dog kicked by a horse)!

Tortoishell, Name Pebbletail, Age 14 moons, Female, Mate Reedfeather, no kits, Rank Warrior, Personality, Caring, will help any cat in need clan or not. Tabby, Name Reedfeather, Age 14 moons Mate Pebbletail, no kits, Rank warrior, Personality Brave, Loyal, Kind, Good hearted. Male. - What more to say other than we just LOVE cool stuff!

The Exotic Jungle Looks and Wild Ocelot cat