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The Perfect Holiday Gifts for Dancers!

For Dance Competitions - "Knock their Socks Off" gifts. Hire Lai Rupe's Choreography for Competition dance routines, receive professional, 1st place choreography, and gifts for your dancers!

Person 2: "... I'm a girl." Person 1: "You know I can't see you without my contact lenses." Person 2: 'You don't wear contacts." Person 1: "A shame, really. Think of all the fun I'd have with them. With my expertise I could get one to pop off into the opening of a woman's blouse and-" Person 2: "You're getting off topic." Person 1: "No, I'm not. I'm just trying to stall you long enough to make a run for it. You know... before you decide to slap me.'

"Having an opinion or point of view is not necessarily criticism to another opinion or point of view --some you can or cannot understand. However, if they are the opposite, it is fair to presume you can understand and explain why." f. wolff