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On the my way back into chinatown mrt, there were to monks came across me, without any hesitate, i took the picture of them. After the shot, he asked me why u took my picture, but in chinese and i dont understand, so i just say hi to him.

Went to chinatown this time, after we walked near the bus stop, in front of me there is an uncle trying to get something to his pocket, so i straight away go beside him and take this shot.

Even i took this old guy at chinatown, he was very nice, i came to him and because he has strong look, i asked him to take of his picture include with his magazine, with the paper girl cover, the picture gives a new perspective, i think.

After walked near the arab street, i saw an window from the chinese restaurant, there is a clean worker inside, by looking at the frame window, i took this shot and the guy reject my shot by pushing his hand, but still got the picture, and it nice also.

I went to the Hindhus Temple at the chinatown area, they have some ceremony, and when I was trying to approach one of them, the lady with the candle came across from my left side, and I did take picture of her arm and her candle, I still don’t understand this candle for, but Im sure she was doing some ritual offering.

I never thought this was also interesting picture that i shot, near buddha relic temple. It gives a nice perspective the have portrait not always from in front, could be from behind.

I always like to take shot of the smoke, any kind of them. Like this picture, this one even put some story inside because there was trolley beside the burning.

I like the connection feeling inside this picture, i shot them during a day light. At that time was a mother talking to this daughter after she sent her inside the school, and the school was inside the mosque, near the bugis area.