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geekgirlsmash: pocketful-of-pyrite: timelordpartytime: mamasith: perfect. I have a shirt with the symbol of the Galactic Empire on it and no one understands it same with my Rebel Alliance shirt, except for the few people who get it and high five. I want to get a Jedi Order tattoo.

Awesome, did you guys also know that he has an uncle who played Wedge Antilles the fighter pilot in the original trilogy?

18 Totally Badass Star Wars-Themed Lunches

Spent all morning obsessing over this - I SERIOUSLY want to do a pop up extreme sandwich shop featuring lots of out there lunch options... Written up the concept and going to send around!                                    

I don't know if I'm repinning for the awesome Star Wars Leia thing, or the Hamilton comments afterwards, probably both