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Cette œuvre nous pouvons voir les cheveux blancs d'une femme qui semble être autochtone et dans ces cheveux il y des animaux sauvages comme un ours, un loup, un ratons laveur, un chevreuil ect. J'aime cette œuvre car je la trouve très original car les couleurs qu'elles contiens s'accorde bien avec le thème de l'œuvre.
Mitakuye oyasin ~ ( we are all related to everything that exists ) Everything is a circle or cycle: life, the wind, Earth, moon, stars, drum and dance. Lessons are hidden everywhere in creation, so look for them and the lessons will guide you. Everything has a spirit and was created for a purpose. Every being possesses their own voice and energy, and anyone can learn to communicate with everything.
Jackalope Rabbit Hare Figurine Totem fantasy animal skulpture, purple lavender clay. $65.00, via Etsy.
Fantastic polymer clay Red Fox Animal Totem Figurine Sculpture Animal Fantasy Art magic spirit amulet
Fantasy Portraits by Vasylina Holodilina
totem, bear, fish, bird,woman
Spirit Totem Animals:  #Spirit and #Totem #Animals.
Bearsoul guard hes very strong and LOVES to fight and has a little crush on Crystalmoon but is too scared to tell her (open)