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#yo te sigo por

#yo te sigo por

The poor barista would never figure it out - if they get the reference & spell it right, give 'm te best high five of their life.

And if they do, then I'll know they're a Les Mis fan and I can make some jokes with them.

I LOVE THIS A LOT <- I may have sung along with the entire thing. Or until I got mixed up because I forgot how part of it went. LES MIS MEETS DOCTOR WHO.

Doctor Who Am I

Les Mis meets Doctor Who! Set to the tune of "Do You Hear the People Sing?" This is awesome!

I'm 99% sure he was named after his father, but still....

Actually, "Jean Valjean" was a pseudonym. While "Jean" was actually his real first name, "Valjean" was a nickname he chose because of a relative of his. It was not his real surname.

Can't. Stop. Laughing. strange thing is i know someone who looks like the Marius Fantine!

Funny pictures about Les Avengerables. Oh, and cool pics about Les Avengerables. Also, Les Avengerables.

Two wonderful Tumblr posts XD  grantaire choosing to die with enjolras rather than facing living without him.  tears :(

THE FIRST POST THOUGH. It's so true. Les Mis feels lurk quietly in the darkness and around corners waiting to ambush me