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Last night we had the pleasure to attend a wonderful event celebrating the best of the best in natural cancer heroes. Tara and Steve Mann of Cancer Crackdown were presented a check by Charlene Bollinger from The Truth About Cancer.

Why Is it So Difficult to Treat Pancreatic Cancer Conventionally (video)

The traditional standard of care to treat pancreatic cancer and certain other cancers is often not successful. What makes these cancers so challenging?

Cancer Truth Hemp (video

#Hemp, also known as #marijuana, is a super-food, powerful medicinal herb and has many industrial uses that benefit mankind while also being environmentally friendly.

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Fun fact about commercial tea: "The first time the pesticides are washed off the tea leaves is when you steep them in your cup." Not so fun, really! Please re-pin to share with your family & friends! Together we can educate the world! // The Truth About Cancer <3

The real information about the series "The Truth About Cancer" - Basically a sad and angry man who gathers extremely biased information, ignoring anything that counters it.

Dying to have known: cancer and the Gerson Therapy (I have been praying to God for people with cancer, and I think this is the answer, as well as all other documents in this folder. Love. We will beat cancer's behind! I love you.) Try the Gerson therapy, and alkaline diet,, as well as ALL CANCER FIGHTING FOODS AND HERBS in this folder. REMEBER ALL HAS TO BE ORGANIC. Say no to meat, and sodas and sugar. Get Max Gerson's book and follow his therapy.