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- White House Entertaining -- This gilt-and-brass basket, part of a table plateau or centerpiece, is believed to have belonged to Louisa Catherine Adams.

This design of Hillary Clinton's state china service commemorated the 200th anniversary of the White House....White House Entertaining National Museum of American History

Mrs. John Quincy Adams Portrait by Charles Bird King at National Portrait Gallery Washington DC Mrs. John Quincy Adams First Lady Portrait by Charles Bird King 1824

White House- Red Room (1981)

Photograph of Mamie Eisenhower at the age of 17 by The U.S. National Archives, via Flickr

Andrew Jackson White House China

Bess Truman, American First Lady married to President Harry S. Truman. It is safe to say that Mrs. Truman did not want to be First Lady because she valued her privacy and called the White House the “Great White Jail.” She did not give press conferences, give her opinions publicly, or champion causes. The President consulted the First Lady before making major decisions and had her review his speeches before giving them publicly. His nicknames for her were “Boss” and “My Chief adviser."

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By Louise Boyle

Louisa Adams: Born in London, she is the only first lady to have been born outside of the United States