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Learn what to look for and how to keep your dog safe from the disease

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All about heartworm

American heartworm association- Make sure you keep your friend on heartworm preventative. If you need an incentive to do so, this infographic will show you exactly what happens in a dog's heart infested with heartworms.

New cases of canine influenza have spread across several states, and veterinarians are urging vigilance. Here's what you need to know.

What you need to know about the dog flu outbreak

Lyme disease can affect all dogs and it can be quite scary. But what should you expect if your dog has been diagnosed with it? Here are a few basics on how to treat this condition:

Cushing's Disease- more Cushin' for the pushin. Cats, Dogs, Horses and Humans= Cushings Hump and Pot Belly!

Cushing's Disease Infographic Miniature schnauzers are prone to this disease. I lost my Princess Diana to Cushing's disease, pancreatitis and diabetes.

Think heartworm disease only occurs in dogs? Think again! | Heartworm Disease in Cats - Is Your Cat at Risk?

Heartworm Disease in Cats - Is Your Cat at Risk?

Learn how heartworm disease in cats is different than heartworm disease in dogs, and how to identify the common symptoms of feline heartworm infection.

Signs of Heartworm Disease in Pets, so sad that people choose not to heartworm there dogs.

Please spot the signs in your little buddy before its too late.

Ticks carry a range of terrible diseases that can be transmitted to you and your dog!

Meet the Instagram Sensation Omar, The World Longest Cat

The Tiny but Terrible Tick - Infographic - Dog pet girl boy

Dog poop can carry several harmful parasites and diseases. We're sharing 5 of the most common parasites and diseases that are spread by dog poop. Help prevent infecting other dogs, cats, and people by picking up your dog's poop!