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Funny Dump-E-Cards

Gossip Girl Blair Waldorf Mimosas quote on Etsy, $5.00

Community Post: 25 Funny Notes Written By Kids

25 Funny Notes Written By Kids. omg hysterical we laughed so hard! Nawwwww

I'm literally LOLing/ Crying real tears ... this is soooo me. I don't care how bad it makes me look/sound.

Did he steal your animal crackers?

Hate people who lie about having jobs to pay their bills but really the government pays all their bills! Get off your ass and get a job, you have kids to support. It takes two to make them so you are respsonsible to take care of them financially too!!

Tim Gunn is awesome:)

Algebra, stop it…

As an algebra teacher...this is even more hilarious. Except for usually we ask students to find y (y=mx+b) or put things into standard form (Ax+By=C). I never used to think adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing was hard until I taught Algebra....