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Heels from Loft that I could feel comfortable in!

Things to do after your adoption is finalized.

from Last Mom

Foster children and trash bags: How to help foster kids

Foster children and trash bags: How to help foster kids - Last Mom

Young, Single, And Adopting: What to do the FIRST night! - hate the idea of checking for bugs/lice but it's a good idea and there are good & tactful ways to do this step discussed in the article. Make sure kids know they're safe. Show them you locking doors/windows etc. Ask about a light at night. I like to call them "mini lamps". Makes kids feel less childish and self conscious about using them.

IROCKSOWHAT: Family Rules Printable ... looks a lot like our current rules. I like the arguing part!

I think something like this would be perfect for our future Foster kids room

from The Idea Room

20 Office Organization Tips

organize-craft-supplies - althought with grandkids, think I'll be looking for plastic

If you want money so bad, go get off your a** and get a job, don't fight innocent animals, they don't deserve that, plus you're putting a bad label on them! How would you like it if you were dog bait and left fighting for your life! #StopDogFights

An Open Letter to Friends & Family (I especially like the article they link to in their letter. For some reason, that site doesn't allow pinning.)