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These 44 Photos From The Past Won't Be In History Books. They're That Messed Up.

Soldier Life: they had to unwillingly leave their family and reluctantly tell them goodbye (in hopes to see them again).

De Brazza's monkey is an Old World monkey endemic to the wetlands of central Africa. It is one of the most widespread African primates that live in forests. Wikipedia // photo by C. Grant

Faces potraits. Dit beeld grijpt me aan, omdat een alledaags gezicht, als concentratie punt is gekozen, het vrouwelijke schoonheid. Heel gedurfd om een gezicht zo groot af te beelden.

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World’s Largest and Most Beautiful Cave You Have Ever Seen

The newly discovered Son Doong Cave in Vietnam is the biggest cave in the world. It is over 5.5 miles long, has a jungle and river. Don’t forget that it is tall enough and to fit a 40-story skyscraper within its walls. And it is all underground!

One of the most famous photos of Native people in Yosemite is this photograph taken by J. T. Boysen in 1901. Susie and daughter Sadie McGowan.