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Funny Pictures Of The Day – 38 Pics

did anyone else read this hearing the tone of "What I've been looking for" from High School Musical?

supernatural merchandise - Google Search

Women are the most complicated creatures on earth so the devil is sometimes confused... :-) p.s. maybe PMS doesn't exist - maybe women thought up it to justify their madness.. amp

Hahahaha!!!! OMG!!!! We used to use this term all the time last year!!! But then the drum major that used it most never used it this year. Next year we gotta bring back that song.

Back in the day perhaps... But now it's on schedule , if the Holy Spirit leads to have it all night long...SO BE IT!!! -elf

I cannot stop laughing... I know which one I am!! Baha


20 'Then Vs. Now' Instances That Will Make You Hate The Present

Arte de antes y arte de ahora...para llorar, full técnica e importantes aportes a la cultura y a la humanidad jajajaja disfrutadla

~Where'd my girl run to? Will she be back soon?~