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Sari Scarf Appreciation

Sari Scarf Wrap, Wrapunzel blog. Beautiful!

Wrapunzel - The Waterfall Headscarf Rescue! by Naomi Rose

from The Wrapunzel Blog

Glasses /O-O

Glasses /O-O | Wrapunzel

Andrea Grinberg, cellist and Jewish hair wrapping instructor, was born in Canada and is also a citizen of Israel. In 2013, she started Wrapunzel, a website and community for women all over the world to connect through the wearing of headscarves. Andrea loves to cook, bik..

from The Wrapunzel Blog

Simple Green

For those of you asking for simpler wraps... here you go!  I decided to try a lower bun for a change... personally didn't feel like it suited my face well, but still a nice experiment!  Happy Sunda...