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Revision break on the green simple pleasures #starbucks #parsonsgreen #simplepleasures #bluesky #green #revision by ceri_blower

“#TRG_RandomDoodle Meal planning icons how to doodle steps.. Are there any other doodles in the previous posts that you'd like me to break down into steps?…”

I spend a lot of my time studying for a lot of tests and reviewing the days lessons, and my workspaces are always accompanied with a lot of natural light, and contains basically as what is seen in the photo; my pens, pencils, highlighters out in order by colour, books all put out neatly in order, a book on the side for when I need a short break, and a binder full of paper that I will need later on, and my laptop inferno of me.

liberalartssociety: 25.09.2015 // Reading Aristotle and Seneca on slavery. Heading off to a lecture in a few minutes and then up to Newcastle this weekend.

Instagram media by naillabintnazir - Them long revision break walks 😴