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Brass Orrery

Brass Orrery

Beautiful Planetarium Brass Orrery Solar System Model Tellurian | eBay

Beautiful Planetarium Brass Orrery,Solar System Model,Tellurian

Planetarium Brass Orrery,Solar System Model,Tellurian,Planets Model in Antiques, Science & Medicine Scientific Instruments

Armillary sphere with celestial globe. Rotating celestial globe, bordered by four pivotable concentric rings, the uppermost with ornamental mount. Arabic, 1125 AH (1713 CE). Engraved and etched gilt brass with lettering in Arabic. Total height from ring to base 53 cms.

“Arabic armillary sphere w/ rotating celestial globe & 4 pivotable rings, 1713 @ Antiquariat Inlibris, Gilhofer Nfg.

Celestial globe  Place of origin: Lahore, Pakistan (made)  Date: 1650 (made)  1800 - 1900 (made)  Artist/Maker: Unknown (production)  Diya al-Din Muhammad, born 1615 - died 1684 (made)  Materials and Techniques: [celestial globe] Brass, cast, engraved, and inlaid with silver. Brass, with no seam but two visible plugs, one of a different alloy from the rest of the globe. Stars inlaid with silver points. Engraved with the equator, circles of latitude, and zodiac constellations.

Celestial globe

Celestial globe - Victoria & Albert Museum - Search the Collections

Limoges Globe Box .... on brass stand, with brass stand and sailboat clasp at equator line, compass points painted inside, removable ship

antiques style globe on brass stand, with brass sailboat clasp at equator line opening, compass points painted inside, removable ship, France

Brass Astrolabe...ca. 1370  This astrolabe belongs to a small group of instruments that are taken to represent the astrolabe that Geoffrey Chaucer intended to give to 'his son' Lewis as he went off to study at Oxford. The rete on this instrument closely resembles those illustrating the manuscripts of Chaucer's Treatise on the Astrolabe, which he composed around 1391

Divination and Oracles ☽ Navigating the Mystery ☽ The Astrolabe is a very ancient astronomical tool used for calculating astrological charts.

Like the ornate shape of the kaleidoscope stand

reflecting telescope Rudolph, Johann Gottlob (producer) Miltitz / b. Meissen order, 1750 DANG this is a nice one

Astrolabe of 'Umar ibn Yusuf ibn 'Umar ibn 'Ali ibn Rasul al-Muzaffari [Yemen] (91.1.535a-h) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Astrolabe of cUmar ibn Yusuf al-Muzaffari, Rasulid period dated A. Invented in ancient Greece, the astrolabe is a sophisticated tool for observing the position of the stars.

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Glikerson Orrery A magnificently elegant example of an early century orrery which shows the recently discovered Uranus.

A mechanical model of the solar system that illustrates the relative positions and motions of the planets and moons. Perfect for a child's bedroom or decor in a study.

Solar System Orrery (3D Printed)