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Scott Monroe took a photo of his son the day before surgery. Branden had some tumors removed and they turned out harmless. There might be those who feel that an angel was hovering over Branden? It's all in the eye of the believer.

In the Bible a giant flood covers the world and a man named Noah road a massive ark to survive the flood. Now solid evidence proves the remains of the ark are in...

from CBS News

Four new elements on the periodic table now have names

Top 10 Hoaxes of All Time A recent rumor that started on Twitter had people believing actor Jeff Goldblum had fallen off a cliff to his death while shooting...

The search engine altered an algorithm to prevent searches for 'Clinton body count' auto-completing. The 'Clinton body count' lists people tied to the Clintons who have died in suspicious circumstances.

from Reuters India

United Nations pledges to fight drug-resistant superbugs

United Nations member countries pledged for the first time on Wednesday to take steps to tackle the threat posed by drug-resistant superbugs in a coordinated effort to curb the spread of infections by pathogens that defy antimicrobial medicines.