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I know people ship these two but personally I like this because I think it shows them as friends not as a couple PS CALEO FOREVER and I also ship Rachel x Octavian (don't hate plz) IDK what the ship name is though. I think Rachtavian. Yeah, that's it..

Which Percy Jackson character are you?

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Day 17: Most Memorable Moment (PJO): The fact that Rachel threw a hairbrush at the Titan Lord. Seriously, I've loved her ever since! Best scene, ever!

Results Include: -Piper McLean{If you get her, then, hey! We're the same!} -Annabeth Chase -Hazel Levesque -Rachel Elizabeth Dare -Bianca di Angelo -Zoe Nightshade -Calypso -Thalia Grace -Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano

Rachel Elizabeth Dare. But did anyone else realize that her initials spell RED?!?! And Percy is the representation of BLUE?!?! So they didn't work out!!! And Percy even said that his greatest fear was RED!!!!