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A Generation of DJs is Skilled in Marketing and Social Media, but not Music Production | Thump

I’ve arranged to meet the musician, DJ and producer Andrew Weatherall at his studio in an industrial estate in north London. Until recently he was based in Shoreditch, where he’d been for 20 years, but then the hipsters arrived, bringing with them waxed moustaches and massive rent hikes. So, Weatherall has moved to Seven Sisters, a place that is a considerably cheaper and, he says, “reassuringly feral”.

Hello friends! Not long ago we discovered the music of Hi-Ryze due to his new releases as Hi-Ryze and 62nd Cell. And like always in jaus.co we are interested a lot on electronic music recordings, gear and stories. So we contacted Mr. Dave Campbell aka Hi-Ryze and asked him about the recording of his 1995(...)

Bandcamp Is Doing A Lot Better Than The Rest Of The Music Industry

An NYC-based startup named Reify just took to Kickstarter to launch a psychedelic new project which allows people to physically feel and visually see music.

In the first of what will be a regular series of studio visits with artists, Craft/Work meets Leslie Deere to talk about her ongoing project for a Sound and Music embedded residency at Music Hackspace

Razormaid!: The Remix Service That Changed the Face of Dance Music March 6, 2014 By Derek Opperman

EU-ONE Introduction

Cherif talks us through how to make an XFade delay in Cycling 74's Max (formerly Max MSP), and getting it running on Rebel Technology's OWL Modular with our ...

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