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Unga Wood Box

UNGA WOOD BOX Hinged box carved from sustainable albesia wood featuring carved inlaid accents. 10” x 7.2” x 2.8”. Handmade by talented artisans in developing countries. Imported.

We're adding lots of new colors for old favorites next week. Any guess which product pictured is getting a triple new color makeover?

Kuri Messenger Bag

We’d like you to meet our Kuri Messenger Bag, a zippered purse made from traditional fabrics. This pretty practical piece is handmade by our artisans and creates job opportunities with each purchase.

Peri Wood Box

Hinged box carved from indian rosewood featuring a carved floral accent pattern. x Handmade by talented artisans in developing countries and includes

Colorful and lightweight pods made from fibers harvested from the fique plant and dyed with natural coloring.

Kisa Wristlet

KISA WRISTLET Zippered pouch with wrist strap featuring a woven pattern of glass beads. Handmade by talented artisans in developing countries. Fair trade. Imported.

Lupo Earrings

Here's a bright morning wake up call to start the day off right. Our Lupo Earrings are made from cantaloupe seeds and our Cholla Earrings are made from polished tagua.

Sabuk Accent Belt

Green is more than a color. Tell your color story by going Green for Autumn with down-to-earth jewelry.

Roda Wood Necklace

Warm up your look with styles made from sustainable woods. Our Roda Necklace is handmade from painted mahogany wood beads and is as lightweight as it is beautiful!

Tho Earrings