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Everything You Need To Know About Immigration Reform

They chant " Death to America" and we're known as the "Great Satan" WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

More PROOF - NY Times Accuser Made Her Story Up About Trump's "Groping" - CONFIRMED! new york times trump hoax

Judge Jeanine: Hillary Is DANGEROUS! WAKE UP! (FULL SHOW 10/15/2016) - YouTube

Exclusive — Sen. Jeff Sessions on WikiLeaks Revelation of Hillary Clinton’s Support for ‘Open Borders’: ‘It’s a Smoking Gun’ - Breitbart

Judge Napolitano Just Blame It On The Russia! The NSA Hacked DNC Not Rus...

America will never love black people, because your friends would never had put you in slavery, black people please wake up, stop dying for a country that never did anything for you, you Negroes in the military should be ashamed of yourself, fighting for the same people who killed you, and still killing you, but won't fight for your own people, that's really sad, just shows me how destroyed the Negroes really are.

from Mad World News

Chelsea Clinton's Arrogance Gets Slapped Down By Bill's Rape Victim

Chelsea Clinton showed her true colors with a statement to Cosmopolitan on Donald Trump, who held back devastating remarks at Monday night's debate for her sake. Chelsea comes off like a true Clinton, rude and condescending to Trump, but you'll love how one woman, who Bill allegedly raped, publically blasted Chelsea, telling the little nitwit off.

Julian ASSANGE WIKILEAKS e mail we've put CLINTON in jail !

Wake up America - It's Called BATE & SWITCH - DON'T LOOK AT ME, LOOK OVER THERE