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Comic: Drawing by Kate-Melody-7 on DeviantArt

Comic: Drawing by on DeviantArt

Darn by tarajenkins on DeviantArt<<< Seriously why did she do it?!?! She could've just as easily said no, THEN bubble jasper!

I was just trying to practice doodling Steven randomly, and it turned into this huge sketchy mess of random comic scenes in which Malachite is unfused and everyone gets their shot at redemption all.

TLIID 169. Hellboy and Weeping Angels by AxelMedellin on deviantART

Dark Horse Comic's Hellboy meets a Weeping Angel from the Doctor Who universe.

I thought it was cute... then I saw old Greg and I totally lost it. I was crying so hard

I'm usually not fond of the "Connie and Steven have a baby" thing, but this is pretty freakin cute thanks to Peridot.<< okay I'm crying Steven is holding a picture of rose.

su, stevenuniverse

su, stevenuniverse 'gonet'<<< LOL gonet is having none of your cluster sh*t today

stevenuniverse, su, peridot, lapis, lapidot

I really love their interactions with each other.

"Origin of Jasper" >>>>> woah<<that would be so cool if it was the story of two lovers and how THIS happened

"Origin of Jasper"

"Origin of Jasper" I personally don't think Jasper is a fusion cause she would have 2 gems and we all know the actual gems don't fuse together.- >>that's why she has hair in front of her head to block the second gem!

Beach Summer Fun Buddies!

Beach Summer Fun Buddies!