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Aura Generation/Energy Field Emission: The user can generate Aura, the subtle, luminous radiation that surrounds a person or object that could alter the emotions and energy levels of oneself and others. The user can generate aura within oneself.

1. Her feet left no footsteps, though he didn't notice, and she didn't seem too preoccupied about the fact that she was terribly dressed for cold weather. He was intrigued, as he had been when he first noticed her out the window the day before. She had seemed too familiar with the grounds to be a random trespasser. #1.

from TheArtHunters

Digital Art by Luca Mangiapelo

This is similar to my idea of Esheya, the naiad commander. ***Brushed by a pale glow through the ice, a transparent face emerged from the dark water, half-streaked with the rush of the river, and Enrin thought—or perhaps it was only imagination—that it smiled. Then the water-being beckoned and shot away. - Beyond the Void by Yaasha Moriah