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불금?불금!! 정확히 퇴근까지 한시간오십이분 남았다아!!!

Fly landed on Hillary's face during the debate, clear sign of Satan, lord of flies, anointing his queen, but leftist media tried to get people to believe it was a Native American totem delivering a "good message" of Hillary's emotional trauma she was going through because of how mean Trump was being to her in the moment before it landed on her; she never even noticed there was a fly on her face; remind you of Obama?

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Gratitude Journal Prompts

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The scale does not get to define you! Because despite those days when the scale shows no change you have to believe that all the healthy choices and changes you've made matter. You have to believe that every run squat and downward dog matters. You have to believe that no matter what a piece of metal says or doesn't say that the healthy choices you continue make are going to continue to matter. That is what defines you. #LizJosefsberg #WordsOfLizdom

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36 Things People With Anxiety Want Their Friends to Know

Sometimes little aspects of friendship can be hard when you live with anxiety. But it doesn't mean people with anxiety don't care about their friends!! #anxiety

• I was listening to the "Magic Lesson" podcast by @elizabeth_gilbert_writer & created that page without too much thinking. Usually I have a theme or idea before I get started. Well, this is actually not my favorite creative outcome but one thing I've learned from that podcast is: I want to be an explorer of truth! My truth! Of course it always means something different for each & everyone of us. But better try exploring then never find out. Right? Happy Sunday ☕️ •

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