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Join artist Rob Zeller for a dynamic introduction to creating a drawing based on a cast, then use your drawing skills to create a painting. - via @Craftsy

Take Online Acrylic Painting Lessons on Craftsy: Narrative Portraiture - Join artist Micah Ganske as he draws on the basics of mixing, glazing, and layering to create a narrative portrait in this online Fine Art class. - via @Craftsy

Learn essential watercolor techniques to paint spellbinding forest scenes with vibrant color, vivid form & expansive depth. - via @Craftsy

Join the centuries of artists who have been inspired these strange water-dwelling plants and learn to create your very own water lily drawing or painting.

Compose stunning allegorical paintings! Join Martin Wittfooth in the studio for a study in storytelling, & take your concept to canvas in this class. - via @Craftsy

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