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Educreations - Creating and Saving A Lesson Incorporating Graphics

EDUCREATIONS Language Arts and more...... Browse Lessons

Have Students Create Meme's in Google Drawing

Educreations- a must have for all teachers. I made videos of me teaching the lesson- the students (& their parents) can watch them at home if they need help/ a review/ questions. It can be used in many different ways, including lessons when a sub is at school. LOVE THIS APP!

Creating An iPad Workflow For Teachers, Students, And Parents

Educreations in Kindergarten! Tips for K teachers of how to start.

45 tools to create quizzes or polls in your classroom

Ideas for differentiating instruction in your lesson plans.

The following 11 slide PowerPoint used to introduce staff to Educreations and explore how it could be utilised in different content areas with student examples (A FREE Download).

"Flipping The Classroom Using Educreations" - A Haiku Deck by Adam Terwilliger