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A little review while waiting for our scheduled software progress presentation deserves a cup of coffee. :)

Sleepless legends. Their satisfaction is our top priority. :)

Boosting my productivity. Working while listening to a live band. :)

Added 1 head on the desk to minimize "alt-tab" and to add neck exercise in the software development process. :)

A hobby is a way to pass some time. And this, I think, is my hobby. :)

Software progress presentation and when a center piece caught my attention. :)

Working infront of a live acoustic band. I believe that increased my productivity. :)

Early module integration before our scheduled software progress presentation. Of course, with the creamiest milk tea i've ever tasted. :)

Music is my best partner during busy hours. :)

Low rays of sunlight turn the Southern Ocean between South America and Antarctica golden in this serene view of a crescent Earth, captured by the European Space Agency's Rosetta spaceprobe during its 2009 fly-by. Photo: ESA ©2009 MPS for OSIRIS Team MPS/UPD/LAM/IAA/RSSD/INTA/UPM/DASP/IDA

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