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Awesome tutorial on drawing map connections with great circles... flowingdata, yet again <3

from Ars Technica

Amoeboid designs complex transportation network, eats oats

Amoeboid designs complex transportation network, eats oats / via old me

World's Fastest Bullet Train : 262 mph

Maps based on online dating profile descriptions from Roger Luke DuBois. Watch the video on this blog for how he does it. Excellent and really interesting infographic.

Henry Lin, Uber's newest data scientist, maps expected wait times in SF for ubers

stamen folks launch travel time maps / ultimate badassery in polymaps

The Boston liquor license density map does a decent job pointing out the more popular hot spots for bars and restaurants. It comes as no surprise that the North End and Harvard Square have portions with a higher density than in other parts of the city. It may be interesting to see, however, that Davis Square has a larger concentration than Porter Square, or that the Harvard Business School and Athletic Facilities are in a very low spot.

geeks vs geekettes / aka le ratio findeaux

from SVA MFA Interaction Design


New York Mile