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Conception of Alexander the Great, Les faize d’ Alexandre (translation of Historiae Alexandri Magni of Quintus Curtius Rufus), Bruges ca. 1468-1475 (British Library, Burney 169, fol. 14r)

remember to feed the dragons this winter!‘And in Sicily there is a manner of serpent, by the which men assay and prove, whether their children be bastards or no, or of lawful marriage: for if they be born in right marriage, the serpents go about them, and do them no harm, and if they be born in avoutry, the serpents bite them and envenom them. And thus many wedded men prove if the children be their own.’ (Mandeville)Compilation of the travel writings (including Marco Polo, Joh

Vain pig wearing a conic hannin and playing a harp, from British Library MS Harley 4379

“Nectanebo sotto forma di drago bacia Olimpia mentre è a tavola con re Filippo”, miniatura tratta dal codice ’Roman d’Alexandre en Prose’ (inizi del XIV secolo), British Library, Londra.

Love-making, and looking on. From Bartholomaeus Anglicus, De proprietatibus rerum, French trans. Jean Corbichon, illuminated by The Boucicaut Master, c. 1400-25. BnF MS Français 9141, fol. 171v. Bibliothèque nationale, Paris.

Harley 4425 Author Guillaume de Lorris and Jean de Meun Title Roman de la Rose Origin Netherlands, S. (Bruges) Date c. 1490-c. 1500 Language French Folio 85

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