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Comic book characters with known disabilities

BONUS: Luke Skywalker, in traditional Jedi Master robes, and Obi-Wan Kenobi appear in the series Star Wars: Legacy. This image is by Adam Hughes, who provided many of the early covers for the series and is a HUGE Star Wars fan.

Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in STAR WARS (1977)

Star Wars themed halloween party this year - I think my costume will be this DIY style: white karate coat + brown western belt + beige knee high boots + khaki pants

Shak-Ti and Kit Fisto

Star Wars Cosplay (these look so amazing, I wonder if this photo was really taken at a Star Wars Weekend thing at Disney World) Kit Fisto and Shaak Ti

Star Wars Throne Room Sequence, ANH. My niece and I both thought this was a wedding the first time we saw it!!

Still of Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Peter Mayhew in Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

Luke Jedi wielding his green lightsaber.

Luke Skywalker for Star War Galaxies by *wraithdt on deviantART

Mark Hamill/Luke Skywalker

Cover art for Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor" by Dave Seeley. Horrible book but a wonderful painting!