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That one time I ordered #moscowmule #mugs in the wrong size & decided to keep them. Well I am putting them to good use now :) #espresso #ristretto @nespressousa #sunday #sundaymorning #linen #dc by robo_tw

I think that's so stupid it shouldn't be a social norm it should not be said at all the same with then u shouldn't degrade people like that

The problem with women magazines…

"Dear Cosmo, Kindly take your idea of "plus size" and shove them up your ass sideways."

10 Badass Nicki Minaj Quotes Every Woman Needs in Her Life

I will always defend Nicki Minaj when someone tries to talk down on her. SHE IS NOT LESS OF A WOMAN JUST BC SHE OWNS HER OWN SEXUALITY. She stands for all women, especially black women and i believe we should all stand by her. She is a Boss✊✌

Japanese Husbands Screaming In Public About How Much They Love Their Wives

This is SO awesome - Japanese Husbands Screaming in Public About How Much They Love Their Wives

The new Creden-ZzZ Designed for ease of use, features a 39 inch high top surface and a lowered center of gravity fold down front panel. This is an excellent choice for home offices where the counter height top makes an excellent work surface and for resort property where extra beds are always needed. Free-standing - no need to bolt to floors or wall Large storage drawer holds pillows or bedding 60 x 80 inch queen size tri-fold foam mattress uses standard size sheets.