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That one time I ordered #moscowmule #mugs in the wrong size & decided to keep them. Well I am putting them to good use now :) #espresso #ristretto @nespressousa #sunday #sundaymorning #linen #dc by robo_tw

OR, you have found that person to have malice for others! AND, malicious people often see their friends distance themselves or just going away. Malicious people see EVERYONE as a threat!

I am like this so I want to teach my children this...I hate seeing others pushed out by mean girls. I have always befriended everyone

I wish I could see what I looked like In other people's eyes, cause then I could fix my flaws.

Because I think it's time we stop getting so wrapped up in ourselves and start looking to other people. Get off your pedestals stop showing off be humble and try to see other people for who they are. Build them up strengthen them encourage them give them a reason to never lose hope give them a reason to dream and not be afraid to fall in love again. Give them a reason to be bold and courageous. You are called to be the light in someone's world of darkness but you can't be their light if you…

I don't care if someone likes attention occasionally. It becomes an issue when their life's happiness stems only from the approval of others. One must be content with themselves, first & foremost. Then, small doses of outside validation are healthy bc they do not define how you see yourself. If you survive/thrive based off the approval of others, then it is not only unhealthy for yourself, but also for those who are trying to love you because no amount of love they give you will ever be…

Could it be that if it doesn't FEEL like love, it isn't? Take good care, my darling sister. Way too many wolves parading around like the LOVER you long for. Way too many Sisters following them home & into their bed. Read stories of other Sisters loving narcissists in Chapter 18 "Mr Right versus Mr. Always Right ~ The Joy of Narcissism"

The USA's insane gun laws killed this young woman and so many others! Ugh just want punch people like him

It's also a struggle at concerts because literally almost every single person at concerts is taller than me so it's a struggle to see but I manage

...Volunteer and Haitian child after by Andy Kennelly