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Find a logical, progressive workout that addresses your particular needs, builds lean muscle tone, burns fat, crafts an hourglass figure and give it 4-6 weeks to work

Concern: High HDL is not just associated with damaging the heart; a 2012 study in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, found high HDL levels were harmful to kidney dialysis patients

The pigment that gives a steak or mince its distinctive red colour, haem, may be the reason red meat is linked to higher chances of bowel cancer, scientists have revealed. It is found in much higher quantities in red meat than in white meat

Bryony, pictured with husband Neal and daughter Eva, is now in remission. She wants to share her story as a warning who experience rapid weight gain that it isn't always about diet and exercise

They found that repeatedly waking up in the night was associated with damage to blood vessels and brain tissue. For every two arousals during one hour of sleep, researchers reported a 30 per cent increase in the odds that the subjects had visible signs of oxygen deprivation in their brain

Alastair Banks, 36, suffered years of pain before he tried a diet that cut out certain sugars

During surgery, doctors took out her gall bladder, spleen, omentum (fatty tissue that insulates the abdominal organs,) appendix, part of her diaphragm, ovaries, and uterus

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