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I love thus cause it's rare people actual talk about male and child rape anymore , but not only to talk about it but drive home the point all rape is bad no matter who u r or no matter the circumstances. Rape is rape point blank period

Lol Otaku Trash<<<Oh my gawd Oikawa!!! XD <<<< I am fandom trash. Anime, sherlock, anime, Doctor who, So. Many. Fandom's.

UT spoof - When you realize what kind of fandom you've become

I feel like Sarah's gonna make us like him again in ACoWaR tho because that's just what she does

i am so thankful for this- that she can be completely bad ass, but still like girly things. I think girls need to learn this.

*SPOILER* Gradence??? This was an abusive, manipulative relationship. GRAVES WAS USING CREDENCE. How is this even considered a ship? >:(