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McDonald's McFlurry from 1786 ~ funny snapchat humor

Funny Snapchats: 24 That Lit the Internet on Fire

Wtf!? It's so real, it's freaking me out!

This is perhaps the most american picture ever taken<<where's the fireworks catching something on fire?

I sure didn't mean to put this under Awesome Views. Sorry about my mistake

true identity of McDonalds: You found a human hair in your sandwich? That's not possible we don't use natural ingredients

@bowsANDboots22 this made me think of you

This is so true. I live for some sweet tea. And be ready to fight when I get unsweetened tea.

Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 78 Pics  These new boxes just creep me out!

We Are All Afraid Of These Boxes<--Whoever came up with the design of the happy meal box must have been watching The Shining and some other freaky scary movie, like Alice in Wonderland (that freaky Cheshire cat) while tripping on some drugs.

I got your title RIGHT HERE!, tastefullyoffensive:   (via oppositetheexodus)

When you're trying to stay healthy but your shadow demons still haunt you. Oh God stay outta my head.