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Tattoo São Paulo - SP Tatuador: Victor J Webster Instagram: @victorjwebstertattoo E-mail: Site:

VICTOR J. WEBSTER **VISITING NYC + SAN FRANCISCO, JUNE 2014** Based in Auckland, New Zealand / Traveling Instagram @victorjwebstertattoo Email:

Hello guys! This is new collection with a new stunning nature-inspired tattoos (in my opinion). I hope you like them! (cover photo: Tattoo by Diana Severinenko) 1. Tattoo by Victor J Webster 2. Tattoo by Sue Jeiven 3. Tattoo by Rom Azovsky 4. Tattoo by Rob Banks of East River Tattoo 5. Tattoo by MxM 6. Tattoo by MxM 7. Tattoo by Klaim StreetTattoo 8. Tattoo by Johnny Jinx 9. Tattoo by Ellen Westholm 10. Tattoo by Otto 11. Tattoo by Andrés Acosta 12. Tattoo by Andrés Acosta 13. Tattoo ...