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Quotes Of The Day – 11 Pics

Tall rock. Dark blue h2o. No style or finesse. Jump. Feet together, chin up, and hands at side or straight up when ya hit. Smack! Curve before bottom. Did 63 feet, but saw a friend cry, with arms out and in sitting position. Promised not to tell his name.

I have no idea where to pin this so since it pertains to me being gay it goes on "right in the childhood"

"You're a drama queen!"<---- Sherlock's face is the best "I am not! Oh, well, maybe..."

This is what I imagine shipping is like. I don't ship. No matter what, I sit on the shore with a spy glass like, "Shots fired. What tea goes best with pop corn? I'm fond of Earl Grey."

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Ex-act-ly! Waste of time blowing smoke up people's %$$! No time for bs talk either, especially when it goes against your code of ethics. BE REAL AND BE TRUE.

This describes my life today perfectly...I'm just done with life....:((