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June 15, 2015 To the human eye, Mercury may resemble a dull, grey orb but this enhanced-colour image from NASA’s Messengerprobe, tells a completely different story. Swathes of iridescent blue, sandy-coloured plains and delicate strands of greyish white, create an ethereal and colourful view of our Solar System’s innermost planet. These contrasting colours have been chosen to emphasise the differences in the composition of the landscape across the planet. The darker regions…

Crash course: Nasa Messenger spacecraft completes four-year mission to Mercury

NASA's hardest working probe has finally run out of fuel, and will meet a tragic fate as it crashes into the planet Mercury sometime today, April See the amazing photos this probe shared with us in its very extended lifespan.

Long ago, in the largest canyon system in our solar system, vibrations from "marsquakes" shook soft sediments that had accumulated in Martian lakes. The shaken sediments formed features that now appear as a series of low hills apparent in a geological map based on new NASA images. Enhanced color image of the Candor Colles region of Candor Chasma, Mars. Image is 1 km (0.62 miles) across. (USGS Astrogeology Science Center, Flagstaff, Arizona)

Brain Finding May Explain Disoriented Pilots, Astronauts

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Here's What We Just Learned About Pluto

Here's What We Just Learned About Pluto - At a NASA briefing this afternoon, Alan Stern, New Horizon’s principal investigator, answered questions from the media and the public on today’s historic flyby, discussing the team’s latest impressions of Pluto’s surface, how the data is being transmitted back to Earth, and much, much more!