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Handmade 5 Hook Splasher Lure sculpture. A favorite among lure collectors, the original small lure is highly prized. This "turn of the century" lure features very large aluminum propellers and an amazing number of hooks. Lures of this style were made by many different lure companies and seem to have worked well in the days before fish had ever seen a hook. 24" long, 6" long hooks. Price: $325.00 - on #fishing #lures

BANDEIRANTE Chase Oreno たまに中古ショップで見かけるもスルーしていた品。格安でバイトしました。 Web見ると虫を食べるベイトなんだそうで。 だからChase Orenoなんですね。綺麗な作りですが。オリジナルで十分な気が。(笑) #fishing #bassfishing #lure #topwater

Pflueger Surprise Minnow Lure - - #AntiqueLure, #FishingLure, #PfluegerSurpriseMinnowLure - Pflueger Surprise Minnow Lure 1914-1924 The Pflueger Surprise Minnow Lure was first introduced in 1914 and assigning it a model number 3900. This wooden antique fishing lure was made by Pflueger, Enterprise Manufacturing Compay of Akron, Ohio. The lure shown is the first version, or the...