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Pumpkin Ale Beer Bread

I’m warning you, this is the BEST beer bread you will ever have! It’s soft, tender and incredibly easy! No bread baking experience necessary! Only 6 ingredients to heaven!

Guess the due Date Guest Book, make it a pool. $2 per entry, give $ to baby, winner gets gas card or gift card. Add morning/evening option.

BUTTERBEER. Think I should give this to the kiddies for Christmas (or any other time). The in-laws would *love* me

IF YOU CAN READ THIS BRING ME.... A glass of wine A beer A cookie A coffee OR if you want your own individual saying added, just let us know in the comments to shop section!!! Choose what you need! Thermal socks with professional grade vinyl. One size fits most. 64% Polyester, 36% Cotton

Give me a Bear Hug! - Frances Castle black bear illustration

from francesca's

Chance This is Wine Travel Mug

"There's+a+chance+this+is+wine"<br+/> <br+/> This+funny+ceramic+travel+mug+will+brighten+up+your+morning+while+keeping+your+coffee+hot!+Give+this+mug+to+one+of+your+girlfriends+as+a+cute+&+humorous+gift. <br+/> <br+/> -+Double+walled+to+keep+drinks+hot<br+/> -+8+oz.+ceramic+cup+with+silicon+lid<br+/> -+Dishwasher+and+microwave+safe<br+/> -+Imported<br+/>

Recirculate & Sparge Lid: CamLocks, bottle filler tip, short piece of silicone tubing and SS tubing to make a removable multipurpose device. During recirculation I put the tip beneath the liquid surface above the grain bed and the liquid is dispersed out in all directions not allowing and O2 to get in. During sparge I Push the SS tubing through the silicone tubing into the top. This gives me a nice symmetrical sparge pattern that does not disturb the grain bed. Works great and easy to…

I give you the man who I look up to as a vocalist, I give you one of the people who saved my life, I give you someone who has the ability to pick me back up when I'm down just by his voice. And he has a box on his head.