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Hands of love..!!

Hands of love.

Wow. I try to avoid these feelings but sometimes they take over.

How Zoloft helped me realize I was depressed, and alleviate my social anxiety. Tales from a girl with social anxiety.: How Zoloft helped me realize I was depressed, and .




One night, you're crying and saying I am everything to you, the next nothing! Nothing, just left me !

. Sooooo true

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Love to live..

Love to live.


I tried to fit in, and guess what? I stood there and watched them choose other people. It hurts me, it's like a needle that's piercing my heart.

I still try to find hope in myself, but then I get put down lower and lower everyday..... I try to believe there's more to me, but I just can't see it....

I hate when people just think that watching a funny movie or listening to a happy song will fix my depression you can't fix it only I can and right now I'm just not strong enough. This pin is true for me and everyone who suffers from chronic depression.

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Ocean wide love..!

Ocean wide love..!